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5 September 2015

European Debate Motions Season 2015-2016

The list below give as complete an overview of the motions used at different European debating tournaments as it was possible to trace in the academic year 2014-2015. All European open or university competitions were included (as well as Worlds) as far as known. The tournaments are sorted in chronological order. Tournaments without motions, or missing motions in tournaments have been made orange.

Please share with as many people as might find this useful. Feel free to add the motions from any tournament that is missing in this list! This includes tournaments in languages other than English, although preferably in translation. Send an email to or a Facebook message to the editors.

The overview does not provide any rating of motions used at competitions. Nor does it provide context to debates that may be essentially national issues. Motions from previous years can be found in the blogpost below. For an overview of motions from other regions, please check:
Debate Motion Central
 Bangladesh Debate